Friday, May 18, 2012

DIY: The Rusty Metal Project

I am an avid DIYer. I firmly believe that a home’s décor should reflect its residents. I never truly understood why people would move in to a new place and go “Well, let’s go to Target/IKEA/Generic Décor Store to buy some schtuff to put up on all these new walls. Nay, I say! Nay! So you have a blank wall? Customize it. Don’t just put up the same red poppy painting that 20,000 other people put up on their kitchen wall! Make something! Put some love into it… and maybe a little blood, sweat, and tears.
So perhaps it’s time to share my most recent obsession: rusty metal. But not just any rusty metal! I spotted this beauty in my parents’ backyard. Anyone who knows our parents and their collection of stuff shouldn’t be shocked that such a thing would not only be found at their place, but that they have no idea what it is or where they got it. I immediately thought “I can make that awesome!” And so they gave it to me. I had it for several months as it just hung out in my garage. I’d see it every time I got home and would thing “Gee, I should really work on that.” Finally, I did. 

For this project, all that’s needed is a wire brush, sandpaper, rags, a dish of water, and a pretty piece of rusty metal. Here we had a mystery metal, super rusty, covered in splotches of random paint, and did I mention REALLY DIRTY? I had found it in my parents’ backyard after all…

Step 1: Dampen the metal and start scrubbing with the wire brush.

Step 2: When dry, sand a little.

Step 3: Clean up! (I used paper towels for a bit before changing to the more eco-friendly/wallet-friendly rag)

Step 4: Once the entire frame is brushed, sanded, and clean, it's time for a nice clear coat. I chose Rust-oleum Crystal Clear Enamel. We use this brand at my work and it has never let me down!

Step 5: Create your background. I didn't really have a plan with this one. I just grabbed some scrap luan and painted a sunset motif with acrylics. 

Step 6: Drill some holes in the luan and wire the board to the frame. This was me improvising here. 

VOILA! Rusty backyard metal turned awesome wall art!

Man my camera sure does suck. But you get the picture... this is a piece I will never regret putting on my walls. Shiny, vibrant, personalized, a unique find turned one of a kind work of art! Next up: 

Check out more images from the Rusty Metal Project here on our new Imgur:  The Twinfo Dump Imgur

Hope you enjoyed my first DIY post! 


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