Monday, June 25, 2012

YouTube in Review - Bowling, Cereal, and a Shelf

It has been a rough couple of weeks in this twin's world. Various life events and one very sick kitty have prevented me from writing for awhile, but I’ve got enough time to pop in and do a quick YouTube in Review. Hopefully I will have a new painting update for next Saturday as I have been painting quite a bit lately.
Anyhow, to the reviews!

Nerdist founder Chris Hardwick gets to be a jerk in an adorable way by inviting nerdy celebs bowling. Team Nerdist challenges a variety of different teams (Like Team Geek and Sundry, Team Mythbusters, and the cast of Mad Men just to name a few) in a competition to raise money for charity. If the opposing team beats team Nerdist, their charity gets $2000. But wait a sec… didn't you say Chris Hardwick was a jerk? Ya, little do these nerdy celebrities know, but Hardwick is the son of a national bowling champion. That is correct: Hardwick invites people to compete against him in a sport he excels at on a professional level…for charity.  Thankfully the rest of the revolving team Nerdist tends to suck hardcore at the game, so quite a few teams end up beating Hardwick. Come to watch celebrities fail at something, stay for the witty banter and nerdy trash talking. 8/10 pins.

Here is where to go when you want some stupid humor with a side of geekiness. Watching SMBC somehow makes me simultaneously feel better about myself and lose faith in most of humanity. They cover every topic imaginable: from God handing out male vs. female parts and George Lucas ruining our childhoods, to boy wonder Robin giving a press conference and defending his sexuality. Really, you can find a sketch for anyone.  There’s hundreds to wade through, so I recommend you start watching! 7.5/10 golden stars for hilarity, but more than a few awkward moments and some forced self reevaluation.

I just discovered this channel starring married voice actors Tara Platt and Yuri Lowenthal after watching the latest Table Top episode in which they play Castle Panic with Wil Wheaton. This dynamic duo has created a web series about four action figures stuck on the shelf of an annoying little boy. Profanity laced and terribly funny, it lets the viewer reminisce about their childhood toys as Hero Man, Hero Lass, Bug Boy and Samurai Snake snicker and bitch about life from action figures' point of view. I’ve only just started watching, but thus far 9/10 plastic figurines. 

Thanks for reading! Like I said, hopefully some fun new art projects will be ready to post next weekend!


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